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Shandong Dongxin Plastic Co., Ltd. is located in the historical city - Shandong Yanggu (Jingyang Gang Wu Song tiger hero hometown), the company is a modern joint-stock enterprises, joint Shandong letter of the Group to build PVC industry chain extension, is set product development design, manufacturing , Sales in one of the professional plastic business. The total investment of 1 billion yuan, covers an area of 400 mu, plant area of over 60,000 square feet, the existing Yanggu and Chiping two production bases, a research and development center. With more than 100 plastic extruder, 50 large-scale precision injection molding machine, to achieve an annual output value of 200,000 tons. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environment system certification and GB / T24001 occupational health environment certification, was rated as user trust enterprises, municipal contract, re-credit business, China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Water Conservancy Association, China Engineering Construction Standardization Association member units and the Ministry of Water Resources Rural Drinking Water Safety Center focused on the promotion of units and was rated as the quality of building materials system qualityAAA service enterprises.

The main products: the company mainly produces "Hunter" brand PE, PVC, PPR, PERT pipe fittings, PVC electrical casing, steel profiles, plastic inspection wells, plastic septic tanks, large diameter PVC drainage pipes, integrated water treatment integration device And other products. Products are widely used in water conservancy projects, water supply and drainage works, real estate development and construction, urbanization construction projects, municipal engineering, metallurgical, chemical, manufacturing and other fields.

Dongxin characteristics: the company cooperation letter of the Group with raw materials, since the advantages of low-cost power generation; cooperation Shandong University of Architecture set up a plastic R & D center, the construction of national plastic laboratory; own R & D to create China's largest PVC pipe equipment, can produce Φ2000mm pipe ; The purchase of the world's largest and most advanced two-board injection molding machine, 6800T clamping force; invented a number of patented plastic mold technology, involved in the drafting of plastic inspection wells standards, the development of China's largest PVC pipe, PVC pipe, plastic inspection Well (Jiangbei first well), plastic septic tanks, integrated water treatment equipment and other products, product specifications model occupy the first domestic position.

Company to "create a business did not think of the industry" for the business philosophy, Ericsson letter show, so that Eastcom "Hunter" series of products and services million households, three years to achieve the target.

Quality comes from responsibility, choice comes from trust. Eastcom pipeline, winning a water treatment of well-known Chinese brands! The The

Now there are some gaps in the domestic market, I hope that with the businessmen in the principle of mutual benefit and long-term interests of the total development of cooperation, create brilliant!

Innovative selling point:

 1, the company implemented the policy: First, the quality of package compensation. Second, the product replacement.

 2, beautiful appearance, the amount of foot.

 3, nano-antibacterial tube color: the outer layer of white inner green, double and fiberglass three-layer composite material has obvious advantages.

 4, packaging high-grade. Service system, a sound promotional system to ensure that any vendors have no worries.


 1, the county-level city unified by the head office or office delivery, the price is absolutely unified.

 2, each county town exclusive sales. The second installment shall be subject to the first consent and the retail price shall be supervised by the Company.

 3, the company sent business staff free of charge to develop and supervise all levels of the market.

Agent qualification

Conditions 1: industrial and commercial legally registered, able to independently bear civil liability, to comply with the commitments, agreement or agreement;

Condition 2: engaged in the relevant industry for more than two years, familiar with the company's products. Have their own specific channels can be given priority;

service support

According to the dealer market conditions, agents to agents to discount the price, to ensure that the interests of agents;

Free training of products and personnel;

Free of charge to provide customers with business consulting training, system budget program production training, sales, negotiation skills.

Agent signing process

1. Submit cooperation application, QQ: 809035628 or call: 010-87562878,13911891815

2. Customer service acceptance, customer service agent accepted pre-trial and submitted to the channel by the channel manager to follow up

3. Sign cooperation, confirm cooperation intention and complete agency agreement signing