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Shandong Dongxin Plastic Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of hero Wu Song tiger - Shandong Yanggu, professional and PVC polymer technology research and development, "plastic technology new application" as the circumferential heart, according to national policy to adjust the product development direction, Environmental protection, sewage treatment, water supply and drainage as the focus of development, while the power, industrial, civil and other areas of directional development, is the world's largest caliber PVC pipe manufacturers, with the production of 3 meters caliber large cross-section, large capacity, Pipeline national standard editorial unit, to maintain industry leading position.

Eastcom company to promote national innovation policy to innovation and R & D as the core strategy, the joint university institutions to achieve production and research model, the introduction of doctorate, graduate students, professional engineers and other professionals, the construction of CNAS national plastic laboratory, professional and PVC molecular chain Of the study, to improve the poor thermal stability, short carbonization time shortcomings, with independent invention patented large diameter die technology, master the core technology of PVC polymer materials.

The company to "new application of plastic technology" as the core, integrated sewage treatment equipment to solve the village black, gray water governance problems, for the drainage pipe has a good product performance, with cost advantages, the application of new technology instead of steel, , Save the consumption of resources to reduce the use of cement to achieve green environmental development system;

The company now has more than 100 extruder, more than 50 Taiwan injection molding machine, can achieve an annual output of more than 20 million tons of production, is by far the domestic technology cutting-edge, large diameter, large-capacity professional PVC manufacturers.

"Hunter" is brave all the way forward spirit, is the courage to innovate the development of the concept. The main products are: village sewage treatment integration equipment, farmers toilets equipment, PVC-U pipe, PVC-UH pipe and pipe fittings, PVC double-axis hollow wall pipe, plastic inspection wells, rainwater collection of water cells, biogas Cans and other more than 2,000 kinds of products, widely used in the construction of villages and towns, municipal projects, sponge city, industrial projects and other fields, the application of new technologies to establish a demonstration effect.